Airline Tubing

This is another must have to successfully setup your RCS’s new home. Airline tubing is used to transfer the air from the air pump to your filter and air stones.  Make sure when making a purchase you get 3/16 in. size tubing as that is the standard for aquariums. All products I am recommending below are the correct size. There are 2 types available: silicone and regular. I would recommend the silicone. Yes it is slightly more expensive, but you will save money in the long run. Regular airline tubing made of plastic will dry out over time and crack. Also it is less flexible than silicone airline tubing.

Silicone airline tubing is very flexible and stays that way many many times longer than traditional plastic tubing. It also comes in several cool colors if you are looking for something to spruce up your tank (I’ve seen clear, white, blue, black, and green). This is one of those products you should buy more of than you think you will need. Many times you see an 8 ft. pack for sale, but if you make just one wrong measurement you will have to buy a whole other pack. That is why I offer silicone airline tubing by the foot. Simply measure how much you think you will need then tack on a few extra feet just to be safe. At only $.25 per foot you can’t go wrong! Click the link below to place your order.