There are many options when it comes to deciding where you would like to house the little fellas. If you are looking only to keep a hand full of shrimp in the tank then I would suggest getting a 5 gal glass tank so you can easily view them. If you are looking to house a whole swarm of them or maybe have a few other species in the same tank, you should probably go with a 10 gal glass tank. One important thing to remember if you are using something other than a regular glass aquarium is to not use anything that contains copper. If you don’t want to quickly kill off your whole colony, double check the tank before introducing the shrimp.

Places like PetsSmart and Petco regularly have sales on tanks where you can pick up a 10 gal for about $10. There normal price is not bad either since normally they are about $15. Walmart even sells a 10 gal glass tank for about $13, but I don’t always trust their products.

I would not suggest buying one of the tank kits since you will not use the filter they have provided (it will suck up your shrimp and chop them to bits!).