Water Testing Supplies/Treatments

Red Cherry Shrimp and the rest of the Neocaridina davidi species are pretty forgiving when it comes to water perimeters. However, as you progress in the hobby and move onto more exotic and colorful shrimp you will need to check your water often. This is not to say that you shouldn’t check your water with RCS, just that you do not have to be as diligent.

API Test Kit

One of the best kits to have is made by API called the Freshwater Master Test Kit. This will cover most of the common tests need to be performed to check your tank water quality. This kit can be found at your LFS, but at a significantly higher cost than what you can get it for on Amazon.



Seachem Prime & Syringe

Another essential item to have on hand is Prime. This handy little product will remove harmful metals and chlorine from your tank water. You don’t have to use very much to get results, only .1 ml per gallon of water. I actually use a medicine syringe to get an accurate amount (got this at Target, just ask the Pharmacist). Unless you have huge tanks, a small bottle will last a long time. An inexpensive must have to prevent deadly chlorine spikes in your tank. If you order the API Kit mentioned above and a bottle of Prime, you’ll most likely get free shipping via Amazon. Watch my video on the benefits of and how to use Prime