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Saddled? Berried? – Unmasking Shrimp Terms

New to the shrimp hobby? Wondering what other hobbyists are referring too when they through out weird terms like “saddled”? Below I have laid out a few of the more common, but not so easily understood terms that you should be familiar with if venturing in the hobby of shrimp keeping:

Referring to the unfertilized eggs sitting on a female’s back immediately behind her head. They tend to look like she has a saddle, hints the name

Female shrimp hold there eggs once fertilized under their belly. They typically carry between 25-30 eggs and they look like tiny berries hanging under her, hints the name

Stands for a “Hand on Back” filter. These work by sucking water up a tube set in the tank and then filtering that water through bio media and the water flows back into the tank. I strongly discourage the use of this type of filter in a shrimp tank as the babies can get sucked up

A common food type for shrimp. Typically comes in the form of a sinking wafer. Derived from Spirulina Algae

Stands for a Hamburg Matten Filter. This is the same principle of the common sponge filter, but you use a sponge sheet and trap water behind it as opposed to the normal cylindrical sponge filter

Let me know if there are any other terms you are not familiar with and I will add them here.

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