Indian Almond Leaves
Indian Almond Leaves

Premium Indian Almond Leaves – Medium


Add a little leaf litter to your tank with clean and untainted Indian Almond Leaves, guaranteed shrimp safe

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Product Description

Clean and untainted Premium Indian Almond Leaves will make the perfect addition to your shrimp tank. They provide a nutritious food source for all ages of shrimp along with the added benefits of tannins and lowering pH. Recommended to place 2 leaves per 10 gallons and will last around 1 month depending on the number of shrimp in your tank. These are the premier leaf to use in shrimp and other invert tanks. We are able to label our leaves premium, and rightfully so, because they are harvested only once fallen, contain no holes or large tears, sun dried, and pressed flat to preserve their shape. Expect to to be impressed.

Each package of Medium Premium Indian Almond Leaves will contain a mix of sizes ranging from 4-7 inches


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