Snowball Shrimp
Snowball ShrimpSnowball Shrimp

Snowball Shrimp


Snowball Shrimp will make a striking contrast for your tank. Bright white in color and beautiful to look at

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Product Description

Snowball Shrimp, or White Pearl as they are also called, were originally selectively bred from a strain of Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis that were exhibiting white traits by a breeder in Germany. They are simply stunning to look at and get their name from the pure white “snowballs” (eggs) hanging below the pregnant female bodies.

They are very tolerant of a wide range of water perimeters, basically the same as Red Cherry Shrimp which you can see here. Though DOA rarely happen, I always throw in a few extra just in case.

Instructions explaining how to acclimate the Snowball Shrimp to their new home are included and email assistance always available.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 6 in


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