Yellow Shrimp

Yellow Shrimp

Neon Yellow ShrimpNeon Yellow Shrimp

Yellow Shrimp were originally selectively bred in Japan and made it into the US hobby market after red shrimp. They are the result of selective breeding of the Neocaridina davidi species. The yellow variation does not occur naturally in the wild where they are more greenish and clear in color.

Yellow Shrimp are becoming more and more popular among shrimp hobbyist. They as easy to take care of as the popular red variation, but not as common so they command a higher price. These increased in popularity even more with the introduction of the Yellow Neon Shrimp which is bright yellow and has a neon strip running down its back.

Raising Yellow Shrimp is an easy and enjoyable hobby. They are not fussy, easy to take care of, and hard to have die on you unless someone threw a bunch of pennies in their tank (copper is basically their kryptonite). Also beware of water additives and treatments as many contains metals, including copper.

There are two grades of yellow shrimp according to the presence or absence of the neon stripe on their back. The two grades are as follows:

Yellow Fire  –> Neon Yellow

Below I have compiled some great facts about the easy to raise Yellow Shrimp

Quick Facts about Yellow Shrimp

Common Names:
Yellow , Yellow Neo, Yellow Fire, Neon Yellow

Scientific Name Neocaridina davidi var. yellow
(formally Neocaridina heteropoda)
Species Origin Taiwan (selectively bred in Japan)
pH Range 6.0 – 8.0
Ideal pH 7.2
Water Temp 65 – 85 F
Ideal Water Temp 75 F
Hardness Range 3 – 10 dkh
Ideal Hardness 8 dkh
Average Life Span 1 – 2 Years
Average Adult Size 1.5″
Gestation Period 4 Weeks
Maturity 3 – 6 Months
Diet Omnivore, Scavenger
Difficulty Easy